Aug 21, 2014 · Move patch file to "Call of Duty Black Ops 2" folder - open it - click Install - done. After install is done open game from Desktop shortcut - register a new account - login - play game multiplayer matchmaking on zombie online.. "/>

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Fitgirl Black Ops 2 LAN Not Working. We are able to see each other online in the friends tab, but when I send a game invite, he does not receive it. Any ideas? Edit: Turns out that the problem was with the Fitgirl repack itself. The Darck repack works perfectly fine for me. If you are having the same issue as me, use the Darck repack. 10 comments. About T6r Console Bo2 Commands . Open the game folder and go to the Players directory Open the. ffotdversion. 488 playing. Commands, or dvars, can be executed using external consoles or using the ingame console (plutoniom & redacted only) http Not sure if usable in bo2 con_gameMsgWindow0Filter EXTERNAL gamenotify obituary - Not tested, but this may.

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