May 18, 2011 · Maple: How to convert Cylindrical coordinates to Cartesian coordinates? We get some expression in Cylindrical coordinates (r, ϕ, z ) like : expr := r*z^2*sin ( (1/3)* ϕ) we need to convert it into Cartesian coordinates and than back to Cylindrical coordinates. How to do such thing?. "/>

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Our first goal is to re-express ∇2 in terms of cylindrical coordinates ()ρφ, z, which are defined in terms of the Cartesian coordinates (x, y,z) as ρ=()x2 +y2 1 2, (2a) = x y φ arctan, (2b) z =z. (2c) The following picture illustrates the relationships expressed by Eq. (2). For the point given by the vector r =xxˆ+yyˆ +zzˆ, the coordinate ρ is the distance of that point.

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