Sep 28, 2020 · Auditing Shared Folder Access via SMB v1.0. Before disabling or completely removing SMB 1.0 driver on the side of the SMB file server, it’s worth making sure that there are no legacy clients that use it in your network. To do this, enable the audit of file server access over SMB v1.0 using the following PowerShell command:. "/>

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Suhcurity It writes to event viewer at Applications and Service Logs > Microsoft > Windows > SMBServer > Audit.evtx So whatever event log policies you have on your servers will apply to this one too. 1 More posts from the sysadmin community 2.4k Posted by 5 days ago An interesting IT sidehustle (don't actually try this). The event indicates that the client 192.168.1. 10 is trying to access the server using the SMB1 protocol . SMB1 access Client Address: 192.168.1. 10 Guidance: This event indicates that a To stop auditing <b>SMB1</b> access, use the <b>Windows</b> PowerShell cmdlet Set-SmbServerConfiguration.

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